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Tim Wildsmith's full review plus Natalie Rayne's update!

A huge thankyou to Tim for giving us a solid review after the unboxing video. He got to spend some time with it over the past three weeks and went over all the New Testament's features in detail, including fonts, font size, layout, type setting etc. The photography and descriptions were great and I think he really did justice to the book here. Thanks Tim!

In addition Natalie Raynes Is doing her own version of a review with a Hymn medley. She gave a trailer / teaser to it in her video last night, here is a clip from her video "Evening hymns episode 11" - clip from 45:47 on.

Thanks for all the support Tim and Natalie! Also If any of you that read my Blog have suggestions for other YouTube artists, blogs, or churches that may be interested in being introduced to Warner Bibles, please contact us and let us know.

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