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Warner Bibles New Testament spotted at CSU!

Recently a preacher, Shawn, shared with me that he ministered at a college campus (CSU) and used our KJV New Testament. Here is what he had to say.

"I was with Shawn Holes at CSU and was able to do some of my first campus ministry. I was preaching to a large group of college students on campus and I was using your New Testament Bible. Just some encouragement for your work to produce a Bible that can be used for evangelism. It is the perfect size, easily readable and perfect for the ministry I am doing. It is well worth the price."

I'd like to thank Shawn for reaching out to me with his testimonial. If any of you out there see a Warner Bible in use, or wish to share your own experience with our New Testament please feel free to contact us. It always makes our day when people share their unique experiences with us! I wish to extend my respect to all the ministers out there and anyone who shares the gospel of Jesus Christ with another!

Pax Christi Vobiscum

Ellis Warner

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