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Book is sharp!  Love the size and font plus the packaging look forward to opening it up this weekend. 


I was given a Warner Bible, New Testament, earlier this week as a gift from a friend. It is the nicest Bible I've ever been given! The quality is excellent, I love the feel of the goatskin leather, and the personal size is perfect to carry on a trip. There are many different Bibles to choose from, but most are made poorly. The Warner Bible is definitely on another level!


I received my copy today, and I am very pleased! This new testament is outstanding, and, in my opinion, it is every bit as good as the products Schuyler is releasing. I would certainly recommend it to anyone interested!


This is a high quality New Testament. The cover is the first thing you notice, it is the softest leather and easy to hold. The type is larger than most Bibles but not too large. It is very easy to sit and read. I like the format also. The verse numbers are there but the layout is like a book and that also makes reading it natural and easy. The thoughts flow together more naturally than my other Bibles with verse separation. There are no helps or explanations and again I believe that also helps the reading as there are no stray thoughts to hinder the message. The quality is first rate. I'm happy with the price and the service and plan on reading it for years.


I just received my bibles today (I ordered 2, one for myself and one as a gift). They came beautifully boxed and wrapped. I love the cover, the genuine goat leather is very soft and a beautiful red/burgundy color with the Celtic Cross embossed on the front. The size and feel of this bible are wonderful and I love the font style and size. I really also appreciate our Lord's words in red type so it stands out! This bible reads easily just like a book and it will be perfect for taking to Bible Study, travel and retreats. Since I read mostly from the New Testament it's really ideal for my needs. This bible will be well read and a keepsake in my family. Thank you Warner Family for making such a high quality beautiful Bible, God Bless You!


I received my New Testament today. Wow, it is far better than I had expected. The print is great, the red in the red letters is perfect, the cover is so soft and flexible, I am so well pleased that I went ahead and purchased this. Now here hoping for the ESV translation in this!


I received my Bible Saturday and started reading it this morning. I read the New Testament every month and this is really the first bible that I am able to take with me and read. I have been looking for a New Testament that I could see the writing and love the cover. This version of the Bible is the Best. Thank you so much for making this Bible. Could you let me know when and if you will be making a Bible with the Old Testament too?


Well made New Testament with a solid cover. Good sewn edge lined binding, leather liners, softer goatskin cover & perimeter stitching will hold the cover edges many years longer. I am so thankful for this new product of a nice well bound paragraph KJV New Testament on the market.


Beautiful quality

Review by Maria on 11 Nov 2022review stating Beautiful quality

The quality of this NT Bible blew me away - absolutely excellent - from the leather to the paper. But most importantly, the layout and text font is a large easily readable size. I was immediately struck by this Bible from the moment I saw it as I was looking for a Bible easy to read (not small print) and carry on commutes.

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Excellent Comfortable Read

Review by TED A. on 14 Oct 2022review stating Excellent Comfortable Read

Avery nice New Testament, very easy to read and to hold. It is a reading pleasure and the way that the printing was set up gives a very excellent way without the eyestrain. The leather cover is excellent and a good book to read and to have as a heritage for the future if so desired.

Ted A.
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Review by John S. on 7 Nov 2022review stating Great

Received product in 2 days without damage. I really enjoy reading this bible. Print is excellent and size and feel is so usable. Thanks

John S.
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I am the lucky owner of Number 46 of the first printing of this fine, beautiful volume. I’ve been looking for a leather-bound KJV New Testament for years and this is a real joy to read, in a handy size with legible print and a classic design. And the goatskin is amazingly soft! Bravo to Warner Bibles!

Harrison M.
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A Joyful Heart

On 29 Nov 2022review stating A Joyful HeartI just received my Holy Bible today in the mail. 5 star item! I simply and delighted by this Kjv bible. Everything about it is nearly perfect. I use the term "nearly" only because there is Only One of total Perfection✨️. From its comfortability in my hand, the font styles & size, the Words of Christ Jesus in Red, down to its color. Mostly I reRead more about review stating A Joyful Heart

ally enjoy reading it as I would any other book!
5 stars for the speed of shipment and its delivery.
Overall, I genuinely recommend this Warner's KJV Holy Bible to any true believer and student of The Lord God Almighty!
Thank you Mr. Warner for making this edition available.

Melisa D
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Got the New Testament in the mail yesterday, and I am addicted to this thing. Probably the softest goatskin of any Bible of I’ve ever owned (and I possess a lot of premium bibles), the paper quality is great, the text itself is incredibly easy on the eyes. The Celtic cross on the front is cool; the little details like the special font and red color for the start of new chapters and books makes it look even more beautiful. I very much hope that an Old Testament gets released at some point to complete the Bible. If and when that happens, I would love for it to be the same dimensions as the NT (aside from the thickness of course) to keep them nice and uniform, but that’s my two cents. Incredibly pleased!

Jake L.

Just received my order of the KJV New Testament Bible by Warner Bibles. I am pleasantly satisfied so far. The Bible compares well with other premium Bibles I own. First the pros: the goatskin leather is quite supple, paper thickness is nice, font size is good, line matching is good, drop fonts at a nice look.

Cons: color of the goatskin leather is not close to the "red" that I observed on three different devices, it is more of a rusty red, line matching is not consistent throughout the Bible, there we're several pages that had a slight crinkle to them, the Bible is somewhat large for just a New Testament Bible. Mostly due to paper thickness and font size. Not an issues for me, but maybe to some.

Overall, very a nice Bible. I would give this Bible an 8 out of 10 score.

I would certainly purchase again and recommended this Bible, if you are looking for a very well put together New Testament.

Rick L.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I received my bible and that it is awesome. Great job.

(N. Carolina)

Hi Ellis, just a quick note to say I just placed 3 more orders for 3 more bibles. I listed the cups on each of those in the note. I'm excited to see what type of things Warner Bibles creates in the future. I think I had read you may do an old testament. That would be very neat. I'm just one person, but in my daily Bible reading I add a chapter from Psalms and 1 from Proverbs everyday to my regular reading. An idea for something may be to someday have a high quality book of just Psalms and Proverbs King James Version together. I haven't ever been able to find a high quality book of just those in King James. I was just thinking you have the best new testament already on its own I've ever seen. Then if you do the old testament, you have the complete bible in two separate books which is kind of cool. Then, if you had a 3rd book of Psalms and Proverbs, I would he your first customer for that also. I would high thirst after that 3 book set (New testament, Old Testament, and Psalms & Proverbs). Not trying to tell you what I think you should do. Just a customer who loves the Lord but like things different than I've ever seen. That's why the New testament you did jumped out to me. God bless, - Corbet (Texas)


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