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More Reviews! and changes in shipping coming!

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

First we would like to thank all those that have placed orders. Thankyou for supporting us in our effort to make a premium KJV New Testament that is enjoyable to have and read. It is our primary goal that people will enjoy the New Testament and spend quality time reading and pondering the scriptures.

We have two more reviews coming Tim Wildsmith is doing his Full Review which will premiere 7/22/22 at 9:00 EST

In addition Natalie Raynes will be doing one as well. I do not have a time yet for when the video will premiere, but I will update it here when I get the date. In the meantime I have included a link to her channel which has lots of very inspirational hymns.

Finally changes to Shipping

While the majority of orders placed arrived in 3-4 days, there have been a couple lost or significantly delayed (by 2+ weeks). We will be changing our shipping for USA to priority mail from media mail. This change will add a couple extra dollars in shipping, but should alleviate the problems we have encountered with media mail and ensure you get your order promptly.

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