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A note from our book maker written by AC Larina

Many thanks to Ellis for the invitation to comment on and explain this Bible in more detail, in the hope that more people will understand the process of its creation and the moving story behind it.

First of all, the process from material selection to the start of sample production was a very long time, because I was really surprised that a first time Bible publishing client would choose such an expensive material and have to wait so long and need to confirm many details. This is because the Bible is almost completely handmade (except for the text printing), both in the sample and in the large production run.

Each cover is made of two layers of goatskin and requires great care in the production process, as one tiny mistake can cause damage to the goatskin and then scrap it. Hand-stitching is required (which usually takes a long time), and the temperature and strength of the embossed logo are very important.

The lining paper is made of environmentally friendly special paper with grain, making the overall look more coordinated and beautiful.

The paper is also the best brand of Bible paper, and we even discussed the Panton color of the red font with the client during printing, hoping to present the best printing effect, because Ellis also wanted to give the reader the best reading experience.

Finally, the binding and packaging, each one is hand-bound, because this type of hanging Bible requires manual gloves to carefully and patiently bind each one. Even the box we designed from the original ordinary matte laminated into the soft-touch laminated.

All in all, the bible brought me very memorable and moving feelings, and we finished the book before Ellis' mother passed away, which I learned later. The love and energy carried behind this Bible really makes it feel like a very heartfelt book. It deserves to be loved by all!

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