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Warner Bibles New Testament Text

We have noticed that there is truly a lack of high quality New Testaments available. Almost all New Testaments are poorly printed in very small font  with faux leather covers. We Intend to change that by offering one of the nicest, highest quality, easy to read KJV New Testaments. These New Testaments make excellent gifts for new graduates, friends, and family as they can be appreciated for their beauty and content. It is our intention to reinvest 90% of the profits or proceeds into producing more high quality New Testaments, Old Testaments, and Bibles. 

Our Unique KJV New Testament


Goatskin Leather Cover

The topgrain goatskin leather is soft durable, and flexible. It provides a great feel in the hand and makes the experience of opening the book and reading the pages very enjoyable. We chose a burgundy color goatskin to honor Jesus' royalty and sacrifice.

The Text

This KJV New Testament is printed on high quality bible paper. The paper weight is 40 GSM which provides excellent page feel and easy to turn pages. The text has Jesus' words red lettered, and is in easy to read day roman size 11 font with one inch margins. Each chapter has a beautiful drop cap Ann Stone letter to start the chapter off.

The Binding

The binding on this books utilizes a high quality sewn binding (not glued). In addition the cover is attached to the book using a unique edge lined binding providing excellent durability and flexibility while reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of New Testaments are very cheap, why does yours cost more?

Majority of New Testaments produced are made to be very cheap to get the Word out. However these New Testaments are often difficult to read with very small font, and have poor manufacturing such as faux leather covers, and glued binding. In contrast, our KJV New Testament is made to last, with topgrain leather cover, sewn binding, and heavier weight paper. In addition our New Testament is friendly to read and hold with increased font size, red lettering, and decorative drop cap letters for each chapter heading. All these features make this New Testament more expensive as it is a quality item.

Where is this New Testament made?

The New Testament is designed in Georgia USA, including text designs, artwork, cover art, and manufacturing design specifications. It is manufactured with our partners in Hong Kong China.

Do You have any other versions besides the KJV?

At the moment, no, however we do have plans for other versions. If you desire a high quality New Testament in another version please contact us.

External Reviews?

For external reviews you can visit Tim Wildsmith's Bible review blog

You can also visit our Blog page for updates and reviews as well as our testimonials page.

Why did you make the New Testament? Why Not the entire Bible with Old and New Testaments?

We do have plans for a complete Bible, or a two volume set of New Testament and Old Testament however we wanted to make a premium New Testament for a number of reasons.
For evangelists, it is hard to start agnostic or atheists out linearly in the Bible and have them read Genesis through Malachi before they get to the redemption and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Historically the New Testament was of paramount importance in the sense that both Tyndale and Luther produced New Testaments first as that was deemed absolutely essential material for Christians to read and understand. They produced complete Bibles later on when they had the time and resources to do so, which is also our plan at Warner Bibles. Also historically the picture Gospel engraved on the Church doors of St Domnius cathedral in Split Croatia carved in 1214 reserved all 28 carvings for the Life of Jesus Christ so passersby (who could not read) could still grasp the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
Yet, another reason is it is very difficult to control readability (larger font size and generous page margins) without the entire Bible becoming massive in size. If one wants a personal size Bible it starts to become unfriendly with small font and tiny margins. Everyone of course is entitled to their opinion and we at Warner Bibles are not trying to convince people of the merits of only having a New Testament, only that there are a number of reasonable and good reasons for producing one that is friendly and people will read

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